The ChesLight 32 is the future of hurricane resistant homes.

The design team at Bayside Joinery Co.,  has taken a step back to re-examine conventional building techniques and standards. After 15 years of careful thought, experimentation and lots of trial-and-error, we have developed a building system which is designed from the ground up to resist hurricane-force winds. This section of the site is for those interested in the details of how our building system works.

The Cheslight 32

The Cheslight 32


The Component-Based Building System : Integrated Frame and Panel

The construction of this home is so different from any other home out there, it is hard to know where to start. So let's start with the Integrated Frame and Panel building system.

As the name implies, the ChesLight is comprised of a timber frame which is made to accept interlocking panels in between the members. The panels are in fact Structural Insulated Panels which make up the walls, roof, and floor system. The members of the frame and panel are made in a controlled shop environment to our exact specifications and then shipped out to the building site to be assembled. This short animation below illustrated the basics of the Integrated Frame and Panel building system.


The wall panels leave our shop with both an interior and exterior finish to minimize the amount of site-work needed. They also contain wire and plumbing chases which run through the wall and floor panels, making installing the electric and plumbing very straightforward. 

For your convenience, we have put together a Building Components PDF which contains a comprehensive breakdown of everything that is included in the ChesLight 32 Building System. This PDF can be downloaded by clicking below.