The ChesLight - The Ultimate In Coastal Living

Coastal living goes far beyond hurricane resistance. Each house must be a reasonable compromise which enhances the coastal experience while simultaneously offering protection from some of the harshest of coastal weather. Below are some examples of the ChesLight homes we have built over the years, each one offering more protection than the last. Our latest design is the ChesLight 32, one which we believe offers the best of both worlds: protection from the elements and enhancement of the coastal lifestyle.


The Ware Neck Light

The ChesLight in Ware Neck, VA is our latest completed project. Featuring a fully fiberglassed exterior for protection against the elements and a lookout room offering scenic views of the North River, this home offers a very nice combination of protection and the coastal lifestyle experience. A 4-stop tube elevator through the center of the house will take you from the ground floor all the way up to the lookout room 35 feet above the the ground.

The Horn Harbor Light

The Horn Harbor Light is a hybrid design which blends our signature timber frame backbone and traditional building techniques. The home is situated on Horn Harbor in Mathews, VA. 


The ChesLight 32

The ChesLight 32 is our latest design, which we believe offers the best in hurricane protection without sacrificing beauty. This home is the culmination of years of research and development; a true implementation of our Frame and Panel Building System. This highly customizable coastal home offers the ability to add wings for more space if needed, our signature lookout room, and the ability to assemble it very quickly. 

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