The Bayside Joinery Team

Meet some of the faces behind the action. Our team of skilled woodworkers and fiberglass technicians has been trained by Bayside Joinery Co. in all of the techniques we use to build the ultimate coastal home. 

Rick Andrews


Rick is the owner and operator of Bayside Joinery Co. Drawing on a lifetime of design and woodworking experience, Rick has built Bayside Joinery Company into what it is today. 

It was clear that Rick had a talent for home design very early in his career. Rick was first a draftsman for a Verizon contractor back in the day, and quickly moved on as an architect shortly afterwards. He has been innovating unique home designs ever since.

Rick started Bayside Joinery Co., LLC in 2002 and has been building ChesLights all along the Chesapeake Bay ever since. Rick developed the ChesLight over the course of many years, drawing from his experience as a timber framer and master wood craftsman. If it has to do with building anything from cabinets to houses, Rick knows how to do it. 

Naturally, Rick's hobbies include boating and kickin' it with his family, combining those two things when possible. He is currently rebuilding a 36 foot house boat in is spare time and plans to take long trips with his wife, Lorrie, when it is completed. His passion for the coastal lifestyle is reflected in his dedication to his work. Rick is very easy to talk to and would be happy to have a conversation about boating, homebuilding, and of course, food.


Luke Andrews


Luke is the computer guru behind the products of Bayside Joinery Company. Growing up the son of master craftsman Rick Andrews, he learned to work with his hands at an early age.

Luke takes his father's vast technical knowledge of home building and brings it to the computer where he designs 3D models of the homes we build here at Bayside. Those models are used for both building the homes as well as creating artistic renderings so our clients can see what they are getting before they buy. 

Luke recently completed his own Bayside Rambler, a design of his own making, and has written about the process in his blog

Looking forward, Luke plans to take Bayside Joinery Company to new heights. He has recently acquired a 3D printer with which he can print 3D models of the standard homes we build. 

Just like his Dad, Luke would be happy to discuss your home building ideas and needs. He has gotten so fast at modeling these days, he can even sit down with a client and draw the house in real-time as new ideas are flowing.



No matter what you have in mind for your next project, our Team of experienced craftsmen are ready to make it happen.